3 Components of a Truly Healthy Protein Bar

May 11, 2022
3 Components of a Truly Healthy Protein Bar

In an alternate parallel and perfect world, you’ll likely be blessed to have unlimited energy and resources to prepare meals that are healthy and fresh. Reality is far from that, however, and oftentimes you find yourself struggling to even leave the home with a good piece of toast. 

Pre-made and on-the-go food has helped save you time and money in more ways than one. One of the best on the market are protein bars, as they are convenient and filling, with no effort on your part to make them good—they just are! 

Good protein bars keep you not only full for long periods but fuel your energy levels for optimal performance. However, the market is also filled with products that only deign to be healthy. In a world heavily obsessed with health and wellness, the trend has now become creating pre-packaged “healthy” food that is not what they claim to be. 

So, how do you choose ones that are both nutritious and scrumptious? Take note of these three crucial tips:

1 - Your protein bars should be low in added sugars

Like most bowls of breakfast cereals, a lot of protein bars are made with added sugars to make them more flavorful. As you choose the right protein bar, make sure to watch out for the added sugars. They are any type of sugars or ingredients added during processing, tasked mainly to sweeten the product. 

Bear in mind that they are different from natural sugars, as those come from the ingredients, such as fruits. That said, aim to buy protein bars with 10 grams or less of added sugar. If you’re unsure, always look at the list of ingredients!

2 - Your protein bars should have at least on a full serving of protein

You’re purchasing protein bars for a reason—the nutrition and protein it provides! As you choose the right protein bar, make sure that it contains enough protein, as that is an essential part of your everyday diet. Protein aids in the building and repairing of our body tissues, as well as transporting nutrients within the blood. 

Protein also keeps you full between meals, eliminating your need to constantly look and crave for unhealthy snacks. With all these in mind, make sure to grab protein bars enriched with one serving of protein, which is roughly around 7 grams. If you exercise heavily, however, it’s best to stick to two full servings of protein!

3 - Your protein bars should come with other healthy ingredients 

Looking out for other healthy ingredients can be confusing—as previously mentioned, pre-packaged food of today can easily use labels of “natural ingredients”, only to have processed ingredients in it. There is no criteria currently existing, much less evidence from which these claims are based. 

As you choose the right protein bar for you, simply look at the ingredients list. Be wary of long ingredients you cannot pronounce nor recognize, as these are likely processed sweeteners and preservatives bad for your body. The fewer ingredients used, the better!

As stated, protein helps you build and repair muscles, which is extremely important especially if you’re regularly exercising. Your protein bars need to be as healthy as possible, to be consumed two hours after exercise for maximum absorption. Be wary of fillers, such as sweeteners and preservatives, and stick to those that have short ingredients lists. Above all, remember: what you see isn’t what you’ll always get—choose wisely!

To help you hunt for healthy protein bars, keep in touch with us. Protein Bar is committed to sorting through the marketing noise, discussing the truth behind your favorite products. We shed light on the truly healthy bars, as we care about your health! Browse through our content today to learn more—it’s time to start learning the truth! 

The Protein Bar Team

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