Easy-to-Follow Rules for Buying Protein Bars

September 16, 2020
Easy-to-Follow Rules for Buying Protein Bars

Protein bars are popular as healthy snacks that help you address your dietary needs and attain your fitness goals. They promise various health benefits, such as giving you the necessary energy to boost your workout, offering the nutrients you need to build and repair muscles after a strenuous exercise and curb your appetite. However, some nutrition bars disguise themselves as nourishing snacks when they are practically candy bars. To learn more about what you should look for in a protein bar, then feel free to use this as your guide.

What Makes Nutrition Bars Healthy?

A protein bar made with the freshest and high-quality ingredients can serve as a meal replacement. This is particularly helpful when you are trying to shed some extra pounds and fit in your skinny jeans. Also, this can be an excellent source of calories that your body needs. It can be tricky though to pick a bar that is actually healthy and right for your dietary needs and preferences.

What Should You Consider When Buying Protein Bars?

1. Size

Protein bars come in a wide variety of sizes. This means they have varying nutritional content. Make sure to check the label and read the calorie content to ensure that you are getting the right amount of nutrients your body needs. If they contain too much calorie, sugar, or fat, consider breaking the bar into two or opt to get some in smaller sizes.

2. Ingredients

Not all protein bars are created equal. As mentioned, many protein bars are considered as glorified candy bars because they contain too much sugar, fructose, or fruit juice that can do more harm than good every time you consume them. Before buying, check for unhealthy ingredients and stay away from those that contain lots of preservatives and fructose as they can hinder your body’s ability to burn your fat properly. Go for low-carb protein bars instead if you are aiming to lose some weight. 

Make sure that there is an adequate amount of protein in your bar, which should be at least around 15-20 grams of protein. Consider the sizes and number of bars you are getting.

3. Sugar

Many protein bars use net carbs, which is a different type of carbs. Also, they contain sugar alcohol, which is a source of these carbs. The good thing about this is that it does not have a significant impact on your blood sugar and does not cause insulin swings, which is vital if you are watching your blood sugar or have diabetes. 

In other words, protein bars can serve as a replacement to your meals, a source of additional protein, or a dessert or snack if you are craving something sweet but watching your weight. Always check the label and look for the sugar content to ensure that these bars do not have any impact on your blood sugar. Keep in mind though that since it has sugar alcohol, consuming them can cause a slight disturbance on your stomach.

Picking the right protein bar can be overwhelming since there are now a wide variety of options available in the market. The key to choosing the most ideal one is reading the label, doing your research, and keeping the listed items above in mind.

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The Protein Bar Team

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