Curb Chocolate Addiction: 3 Tips for Controlling Your Sweet Tooth

October 20, 2020
Curb Chocolate Addiction: 3 Tips for Controlling Your Sweet Tooth

One of the things that many people have in common is that they are incredibly addicted to sweet food. Unfortunately, refined sugar does not have any nutritional value and an addiction often reflects an imbalance on an individual’s microbiome. Overindulgence could have negative repercussions. When you don't manage your sweets or chocolate addictions, you may end up damaging your dental health and increase other health risks, such as diabetes and obesity.

For some, curbing chocolate addictions isn't as easy as flipping a switch and calling it a day. Many will have to go through a more mindful approach to help counter chocolate addictions. Some people will get help from nutritionists to recommend chocolate alternatives, such as vegan protein bars, nuts, and other organic options.

If you're one of those who are trying to control their consumption of sweets, keep reading. We've compiled three powerful mindful tips that you can follow to help manage your sweet tooth. Let's get started!

Disconnect your emotions from your appetite

One of the reasons you crave sweets is that you are associating the activity of eating chocolate to an emotion that brings comfort. When you're starting to crave sweets, one of the best things to do is make a conscious and mindful pause.

When you pause, you become aware of your emotions and senses. This way, you can figure out the root of your cravings’ root and separate your hunger from these emotions. However, some people eat chocolates to help release their feelings, but it doesn't work that way. 

Aside from a mental pause, create a mindful coping system that can help you counter chocolate cravings during situations like this. 

Understand what you're craving 

When you have the sudden urge to grab a bar of chocolate and indulge in its sweetness, it's best to think twice before you do. Consider if you really want it or if you're just tempted to have a piece. Most of the time, when you question your cravings, you'll realize that temptation is actually what fuels your desire to eat sweet food. 

Ask yourself if it'll help your needs at the moment. Is the experience of eating the bar of chocolate worth it? It's always best to weigh your options and considerations. 

For example, if you're having a lazy day and you see a bar of chocolate, it's incredibly tempting to grab it and fill the empty minutes of your day by eating that chocolate. However, it is not a healthy option. Meanwhile, if you indulge in smores you've made at the campfire with your family, it's much better to savor this type of chocolate experience. 

When you suddenly have the urge to grab a chocolate bar, and you know that you won't get anything good out of it, it's best to get an alternative snack, such as a delicious vegan protein bar. 

Don't deprive yourself of food

The more you're not allowed to eat something, the more your mind tells you to. It's really up to you whether you want to honor a craving or allow it to pass. 

Again, this all boils down to how the piece of food connects to you. So if you can take a break from your healthy streak and indulge with one bar for every two weeks, then that should be okay. Soon enough, your body will get used to the alternatives you are taking, and you'll eventually say no to sweets in the future.

Now that you've read our three fantastic tips to curbing your chocolate addictions, it's time for you to put this to practice. Finding better alternatives, such as vegan protein bars or healthy smoothies, and creating healthy recipes can positively curb your chocolate addictions. Being mindful and listening to your body will help you say no to sweets and push you to have a better and healthier lifestyle. 

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