Top 7 Best Gluten Free Granola Bars

December 22, 2023
Top 7 Best Gluten Free Granola Bars

Gluten-free granola bars offer a delicious and nutritious solution for those with celiac disease, gluten sensitivities, or those simply looking to reduce gluten intake for personal wellness. They help you avoid potential discomfort while packing the same punch of energy, fiber, and flavor.

Whether you're a committed gluten-free devotee or a curious foodie, picking a bar that is actually as good as it claims might be tricky, given the sheer number of choices in the market. 

Fret not! In this guide, we will unwrap the best, most flavor-packed, gluten-free granola bars that will transform snack-time into a healthful, guilt-free indulgence. 

Best Gluten Free Granola Bars: At a Glance

Stick till the end of this list to see some of the best granola bars that not only have a balanced nutrition profile, but also do not burn a hole in your pocket. Dive in! 

88 Acres

Satisfy your snack cravings while keeping health in check with the delectable 88 Acres granola bars. These bars are meticulously crafted from easy-to-digest, high-quality ingredients that sidestep the top nine common allergens, making them a perfect fit for various dietary needs. 

88 Acres

Let's unravel the delightful array of 88 Acres certified gluten-free granola bars:

  • Blueberry Lemon Seed & Oat Bars: A zesty, fruit-filled delight.
  • Apple Ginger Seed & Oat Bars: A refreshing fusion of apple tang and ginger spice.
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Seed & Oat Bars: A tantalizing blend of sweet and salty.
  • Triple Berry Crumble Seed & Oat Bars: A burst of berry goodness.
  • Cinnamon Maple Seed & Oat Bars: A warming taste of autumnal spices.
  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Seed & Oat Bars: A classic combo to satiate your sweet tooth.

What sets these bars apart? They're proudly vegan, certified gluten-free, and entirely devoid of palm oil. Not to mention, they’re nut-free and kosher, ticking all the boxes for mindful snacking.

With 88 Acres, there's no need to worry about cross-contamination. They've gone the extra mile, building their own dedicated allergen-free bakery, and further securing their credibility with a GFCO certification. Revel in the peace of mind and the pure pleasure these granola bars bring to your snack times.

Check it out here.

Enjoy Life

For those navigating the complex landscape of food allergies, Enjoy Life Chewy Bars come in the form of a tasty cheat meal. This range of bars caters to a variety of dietary needs, being gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, egg-free, and soy-free. The revamped line includes zesty flavors made with Enjoy Life's unique Pure Life Balanced Dry Blend.

Among the newest additions, the Lemon Blueberry Poppy Seed bar is a standout, packed with bright lemon zest, blueberry morsels, and poppy seeds to evoke the comforting vibe of a homemade muffin. The Carrot Cake variant delivers an interesting spice-infused kick, with the pumpkin seeds adding a walnut-like crunch, though the overall flavor profile could benefit from further balance. 

Enjoy Life

Among the more classic bars, we would definitely recommend the Cocoa Loco (even for those typically not fans of chocolate snack bars). Sunseed Crunch, the lowest sugar option, offers a mild sunflower seed butter flavor that's quite enjoyable.

Manufactured in a dedicated facility, Enjoy Life ensures rigorous allergen control standards are met. However, be aware that their baking chocolate is made in a different facility which also processes dairy and soy.

Priced roughly at $4-$6 for a pack of 5, these bars are conveniently available at Kroger stores, Whole Foods, other natural food grocers, and online platforms such as the Enjoy Life website and Amazon.

Check it out here.


Did anyone ask for yummy granola bars that are as tasty as they are healthy? Enter Freeyumm! 

These wholesome snacks are free from the top eight allergens, making them a reliable and convenient option for people with dietary restrictions. 

FreeYumm Bars are available in several delightful flavor varieties, from Honey Apple Oat Bars to Blueberry Oat Bars, Raspberry Chia Bars, and even delicious Chocolate Chip Oat Bars. For those with a sweet tooth, the Banana Maple Cookies and Ginger Cookies make for delightful treats. Each bar strikes a balance between being tasty and nutritious, resembling a chewy granola bar in texture. 


Nutritionally, these bars contain 5-8 grams of sugar and 13-18 grams of carbs per serving. They boast good flavor, and are free from a range of allergens, including wheat/gluten, soy, eggs, peanuts, dairy, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, sulfites, and sesame. Made in a dedicated bakery, FreeYumm Bars use pure oats and contain undetectable levels of gluten. 

On the downside, not all the ingredients are organic, and while they are tested, they aren't certified gluten-free due to the oats. They're also slightly smaller than some might prefer. 

Check it out here.

Kind Bars

Predominantly made with almonds and peanuts, these bars provide a balanced combination of protein, healthy fats, and fiber, making them an excellent choice for a quick on-the-go snack. With a choice of 10 low sugar flavors, the bars cater to varied taste preferences.

Flavors range from Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt to Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio. Despite having three sources of sugar (honey, cane sugar, glucose syrup), the overall sugar content remains low, at 5g per bar.

The bars' texture is majorly defined by the crunchy almonds and peanuts. This, combined with the taste of subtle salty and dark chocolate notes, gives the bars an appeasing flavor profile.

Note: KIND Nut Bars contain allergens such as almonds, peanuts, and soy, and some flavors also contain milk. They may also contain tree nuts and sesame seeds, so be mindful if you are allergic!

Check it out here.

Nature Valley 

Let's talk about something that's made with rolled oats: the Nature Valley granola bar. Think of it as your favorite crunchy, golden toast, but in a snack-sized bar. Delicious, convenient, and guess what, it's got oats. And we all know oats are healthy, right? But like every good story, there's a twist!

What's got all the sugar but none of the guilt? You got it, our friendly neighborhood granola bar. This fellow packs 9-12g of added sugar, depending on the flavor. If you're not careful, it'll sweet-talk its way right into your daily sugar limit.

Low sugar, high protein, and a good balance of fats and fiber - it's like that friend who always knows what to say.

Check it out here.

GoMacro Bars

GoMacro MacroBars offer a fulfilling and flavorful blend of organic, plant-based ingredients. As a company, GoMacro’s mission of promoting a balanced, vegan lifestyle is reflected in their use of ingredients like organic brown rice syrup, pea protein, and sprouted brown rice protein, and their dedication to sustainable sourcing and community giving.

GoMacro Bars

Their bars are entirely vegan, with no dairy or problematic ingredients such as soybean oil or nutrient-stripped flours. However, they are higher in calories compared to some competitors, due to the use of organic brown rice syrup as a binding and sweetening agent, which makes these bars less suitable for low-carb diets. 

All in all, GoMacro bars are a great on-the-go snack for active individuals and are commendable for their commitment to healthy and sustainable living, but might not be the best choice for those watching their caloric or carbohydrate intake.

Check it out here.

Perfect Bar

Perfect Bars offer a healthy snack alternative, especially for individuals with higher nutritional needs, such as athletes. They are high in protein, fats, and sugars and can be considered energy-dense. The primary ingredients of Perfect Bars are whole foods including a variety of protein sources and seed oils, making them a less processed option compared to other bars on the market. 

Perfect Bar

However, the high sugar content - mainly from honey - may not be ideal for everyone, particularly those watching their sugar intake. Additionally, although they contain healthy fats and proteins, these bars are calorie-dense, which might not suit those trying to lose weight or maintain a lower calorie intake. 

These bars come in a variety of flavors, adding versatility to your snack options. Perfect Bars are also gluten-free, which is beneficial for those with gluten intolerances or preferences. However, they aren't suitable for keto, Whole30, paleo, or low FODMAP diets due to their ingredients and nutrient composition. 

Despite the higher price point, Perfect Bars could be a good option if you're looking for an energy-dense, less-processed snack made with whole food ingredients.

Check it out here.

Bonus: Where To Buy Gluten Free Granola Bars?

Welcome, gluten-free foodie enthusiasts! Here's your one-stop guide to finding the best gluten-free snack bars. Whether you're clicking through from our selection of top-rated bars or simply on a quest to satiate those mid-afternoon munchies, we've got you covered. 

  • Major Supermarkets: Your first port of call could be your nearest large-scale grocery store. While we love to champion local businesses, sometimes, for budgetary reasons, the larger stores such as Walmart offer competitive prices. Check their websites for product availability before venturing out.

  • Amazon: Often, Amazon provides attractive pricing, though you might need to buy in bulk. 

  • A personal favorite, Vitacost offers a fantastic range of gluten-free snack bars. Keep an eye out for their site-wide sales for maximum savings.

  • Walmart: Their online store often features a wider selection than their physical outlets.

  • Thrive: If you're a Thrive member, this platform can be a goldmine for top-rated gluten-free bars.

  • Local Natural Food Stores: Conversely, if your budget allows, supporting local businesses is a fantastic choice. These stores often offer a wide variety of unique gluten-free options. Call or visit their website to verify they carry your desired gluten-free bars.

Savvy shopping and a little bit of research can lead to delightful, healthy snacking without breaking the bank. Remember, folks, snacking is like a game of balance. Sure, these bars are delicious and convenient, but don't let them monopolize your snack game. Mix it up, keep it varied, and most importantly, keep it tasty!

The Protein Bar Team

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