3 Macronutrient Targets of the Healthiest Protein Bars

May 11, 2022
3 Macronutrient Targets of the Healthiest Protein Bars

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, people are on a constant race against jam-packed schedules, so finding conveniences that can stay up to speed comes in handy in more ways than one. 

For hungry athletes, gym buffs, bodybuilders, and weight watchers craving for an all-in-one snack that can boost their health without dusting off cookbooks in the morning, protein bars prove to be all the rage. 

The Craze on Protein Bars 

Health gurus can’t help but wonder: are protein bars healthy or all hype? Some bars can pack more sugar than your usual candy bars, which misses the whole point of a protein bar in the first place as it can set you back. 

Finding a protein bar that’s a diamond in the rough can be tough, but there are deciding features that can point you in the right direction. The list below breaks the bar down to see how to choose the best staple snack that can act as your morning pick-me-up: 

Tip #1: Look For Protein Bars with Low Carbohydrates 

Protein should be the main star of the show, so be sure to steer away from bars that are packed with carbohydrates. More sugar may taste more addicting, but it would be synonymous with candy more than a supplement. 

Watch out for carbohydrates that are hiding under different names like fructose, rice syrup, honey, agave nectar, dextrose, molasses, and more. While a bit of carb won’t hurt, it’s best to choose protein bars with a ratio higher in protein. 

Tip #2: Look For Protein Bars with Less Than 400 Calories 

Seeing as protein bars should be supplemental to your diet, it should fill the empty space in your regimen by providing important nutrients without hurting your diet plans. A bar that contains more than 400 calories is no longer a healthy snack but should be in your list of guilty pleasures. 

Meanwhile, choosing low calories with an even lower amount of protein will also be a waste, especially if there are alternative snacks that provide more protein and fewer calories. The key is to choose a balanced composition, preferably those with 20 grams of protein content for athletes looking to speed up post-workout recovery.

Tip #3: Look For Protein Bars that Contain Healthy Fats 

It’s true that adding more sugar and fats beats the point of a protein bar, but leaving it all out won’t make a palatable snack either. If you choose a bar with low carbohydrates, it’s best to opt for added fats that are healthy like coconut oil, nuts, nut butter, or chia seeds.

The Bottom Line: Taking Your On-the-Go Snacks to the Next Level

Protein bars took the market by storm as it offers a quick solution for busy-goers looking to inject a healthy snack mid-stride. Easy to eat and loaded with protein, it can suit any lifestyle and tickle the taste buds of even the pickiest eaters - from a wealth of choices between confectionary delights, low-sugar, keto-inspired, to plant-based bars. 

Here at Proteinbar, we offer delicious nutritional supplements that can shake up the market and boost your health on the go. Sweet yet sensible, we aim to raise the bar by giving you a taste of something that packs a punch. 

Whether you need a quick snack to boost your energy for work or workouts, sign up with us to join our exclusive group and be one of the first to take a bite of our game-changing bars. 

The Protein Bar Team

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