Dealing with Mid-Day Slump: Here’s How to Beat It

October 21, 2021
Dealing with Mid-Day Slump: Here’s How to Beat It

Many who work experience the mid-day slump know how hard it is to bounce back and get productive again. Early birds know the extreme boost of energy a good breakfast and a cup of coffee or caffeinated tea brings to the first few hours of the day. However, this issue occurs during lunchtime, when people eat out or at the office cafeteria. 

When we get full after lunch, we get a surge of insulin that causes us to get sleepy and want to nap. Most can’t exactly nap on the job, and for many people who skip breakfast, a heavy lunch makes up for the lost calories in the morning. Many things cause the mid-day slump, and here are some things to know when you are trying to beat the mid-day slump at work, school, or wherever you are:

Have Balanced Meals

One thing that causes an insane dip in productivity is the insulin spike after a heavy, carbohydrate-filled lunch. There is an increasing trend in the global population skipping breakfast due to the rising demands of working hours and commuting situations. Skipping meals only makes things worse, which often leads to binge eating at the end of the day or during odd times. Working hard all morning and running on caffeine only will give off an extreme crash that can make the feelings of sleepiness kick in hard. 

A simple way people have bypassed having no time for breakfast is finding the best protein bar that suits their needs and nutritional restrictions. A low-carb protein bar is ideal to avoid insulin spikes after consuming one or two. It also immediately boosts energy levels to keep them consistent throughout the day. 

Those with dietary restrictions can opt for plant-based bars, and those with gluten allergies can have a great protein bar that is gluten-free. With today’s market of food increasingly varied, there are tasty and safe products for consumption for all kinds of dietary restrictions. 

Balance Tasks Based on Energy Levels

One way that people use to beat the mid-day slump is to start the day with the most challenging tasks. Those working in a content creation agency can begin by doing the most pressing and tedious tasks and then slowly moving into easy, no-brainer content towards the end. Doing things this way makes it easier to function when the slump is too heavy. 

An excellent way to bounce back quickly is by consuming a low-carb protein bar to boost energy and brainpower. While this is merely a quick boost, consuming a good one with a cup of tea will ensure that the crash will be less severe. This concoction will allow the slump-causing tasks to fly by, so consider buying a protein bar or two that has excellent nutritional value. 

Get More Sleep at Night

Beating the mid-day slump without fail is doable by following this last point. Getting a little over 8 hours of sleep will naturally energize anyone. Make sure to sleep early and wake up with enough time to get ready and ease into the day. Rushing each morning because of late nights is always going to jolt stress into daily life. Having time to take it easy before heading to work is a great way to preserve energy levels throughout the day. 

The best protein bars are always the ones with less sugar, fewer carbohydrates, and little to no additives and preservatives. These will give a natural energy boost to anyone while minimizing the crash. Keep your diet right, your workday smooth, and get plenty of sleep to get the best out of your day. is your resource for the best protein bars available that are low-carb, gluten-free, and 100% plant-based. By shifting your diet to a more healthy one with fewer preservatives and harmful ingredients, you’ll live a much happier life overall. Visit our website to learn more about the magic of protein bars in today’s world!

The Protein Bar Team

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