Why Protein Bars Are the Ideal Snack for Outdoor Adventures

May 11, 2022
Why Protein Bars Are the Ideal Snack for Outdoor Adventures

A high-calorie protein bar is the perfect way to energize yourself while you’re making your way down a trail. These are not to be mistaken for simple granola bars, which are very different in nutritional value. Real protein bars pack enough energy for more than a punch and won’t have you feeling hungry again after an hour. 

Plant-based protein bars have recently taken the market by storm, but unfortunately, many of these bars aren’t that delicious. Some taste and feel almost grass-like; clearly, they didn’t get the memo that these are not what protein bars are supposed to be. However, that doesn’t mean all vegan protein bars are made this way. The best quality protein bars that you should keep an eye out for taste delicious while remaining perfectly healthy and nutrition-dense.

Here are the components that make quality plant-based, vegan protein bars the ideal snack to take to your outdoor adventures:

They taste great and are easy to eat

While this probably isn’t the most nutritionally important item on the list, not being able to enjoy the taste of your protein bar means you’re not going to eat it or reap any of its high-calorie benefits. Besides, after a strenuous outdoor activity such as hiking or climbing, you’ll want something that tastes like a reward for conquering those last couple of steps before moving on. Protein bars need to taste good for people to consume them easily to get the energy they need. 

They’re high in calories

Activities that burn a high level of calories over a sustained period need an energy source that will replenish what is lost. However, packing a full meal to get the right amount of calories while you’re hiking just isn’t feasible. A couple of good quality protein bars is the best way to keep your energy high when your fuel tank is running low. When shopping for your protein bars, check the label to ensure that it has at least 300 calories. This will keep you full and energized for longer. 

They contain more fats than carbohydrates

When it comes to calories and storing energy, fat trumps carbohydrates. One gram of fat holds nine calories, while a gram of carbohydrates contains just 4. On the trail, you want to be as light as possible instead of heavy with food, so it’s important to get a protein bar that has more fat content than it does carbs. Since gluten is found in many high-carb foods, people who are allergic can opt for gluten-free protein bars, which are readily available on the market. 

They’re high in protein

As you hike a trail, your muscles are continuously working to support your weight along with the extra load of your backpack. The body needs protein to rebuild and maintain the muscle as you continue your trek. However, high protein sources like chicken are often difficult to store in your pack during a hike, so a high-quality protein bar is the best way to supplement your muscle’s needs. 

They’re compact and easy to pack

Your backpack needs to be as light as possible when hiking. Most of the space in it should be reserved for water, so bringing anything that takes up a lot of space isn’t an option. Protein bars are compact and perfect for storing in your pack.

Nothing is more satisfying than conquering a new peak during your outdoor adventures. Keeping yourself hydrated and energized along the way is part of what gets you through the trail, up the assault, and all the way to the summit. Make sure to take a few, quality protein bars with you when you go on your next adventure, and you’ll surely reach the top of that mountain, with energy to spare! 

Having different options for protein bars is important for your energy needs. Here at Protein Bar, we aim to provide our customers with a protein bar that is healthy, plant-based, and delicious, all in one. To learn more about plant-based protein bars and which one is best for you, take our quiz today! 

The Protein Bar Team

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