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Vega Protein Bars - Reviewed

April 7, 2023
Vega Protein Bars - Reviewed

As fitness enthusiasts, performance athletes, and health fanatics, we all want to be sure that what we're eating is helping us reach our goals. Protein bars have become a staple in many people's diets thanks to their convenience and portability.

Vega Protein Bars are an excellent option for anyone looking to add more protein into their diet in a delicious way while keeping things healthy.

In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at the Vega Protein Bar and discuss its nutritional value, ingredients, taste, benefits, drawbacks, and pricing.

What Are Vega Protein Bars?

Vega protein bars are plant-based snacks that contain a good amount of protein per serving. Each bar contains 20 grams of vegan protein derived from brown rice, pea, and other plant sources.

They are non-GMO, gluten-free, and contain no animal products. The bars are sweetened with organic agave inulin and have 3-4 grams of fiber. Vega bars are available in various flavors, from chocolate peanut butter to chai tea latte.

Vega protein bars provide a convenient way for vegan and vegetarian individuals to get their daily dose of protein without resorting to dairy or meat products.

Protein is essential for bodybuilding and weight loss, making Vega protein bars an excellent snack for those trying to stay in shape or build muscle. The additional fiber also helps keep you full for extended periods, reducing cravings and snacking between meals.

What Are Vega Protein Bars

Power Up Your Diet: Comparing Vega's Protein Bars

Vega experts know that when it comes to health and wellness, protein is a crucial ingredient. They've created three different protein bar options – the Vega Protein Snack Bar, Vega Sport Protein Bar, and Vega 20g Protein Bar.

While all three are delicious, they vary in size and protein content. The Vega Protein Snack Bar is the smallest of the three options, packing 10 grams of protein into 190 calories. The other two comprising the trio offer 20 grams of protein - the Sport Protein Bar clocks in at 290 calories, and the 20g Protein Bar has 300 calories.

The Vega Protein Snack Bar contains organic brown rice syrup, pea protein crisps, brown rice protein, almond butter, cane sugar, inulin, sacha inchi oil, hemp seeds, palm kernel oil, and other ingredients including rolled oats and date paste.

The Sport Protein Bar has similar ingredients: chocolate liquor, cocoa powder, peppermint oil, brown rice protein, organic agave syrup, pea protein, tapioca syrup, tart cherry powder, sea salt, and other natural ingredients, including sunflower lecithin.

If you're looking for something hearty with ample protein content, then the 20g protein bar is your best bet. It offers plenty of nutrients and energy to power up your diet.

Investigating the Nutritional Content of Vega Protein Bars

When planning a balanced meal or snack, nutrition facts are essential. Let's take a look at what macros (and micros) are in a Vega plant-based protein bar:

Investigating the Nutritional Content of Vega Protein Bars
  • Fat: 10 grams
  • Saturated fat: 4–5 grams
  • Cholesterol: 0 milligrams
  • Trans fat: 0 grams
  • Sodium: 270–290 milligrams
  • Total carbohydrate: 26–27 grams
  • Protein: 20 grams
  • Sugars: 16–18 grams 
  • Fiber: 3–4 grams

Regarding micros, you can also find 6-10% calcium, 10-15% iron, and 2% vitamin C on the nutrition label. Ensure that each bar contains enough nutrients to energize yourself and keep hunger pangs away until your next meal.

Taste and Texture: What Do They Taste Like?

Vega protein bars have a unique texture: soft but slightly firm - not crunchy or chewy. Depending on the flavor, they're coated in either dark chocolate or caramel.

Look no further than the chocolate peanut butter flavor for a sweet, healthy, post-workout snack with less sugar. The nutty peanut butter is quite pronounced, while the organic sugar and natural flavors help balance the sweetness.

The Salted Caramel flavor has a delightful balance of salty and sweet. With the addition of caramel coating and rice starch for a touch of crunch, you won't be able to resist that chocolate craving.

Plant Protein Content

Vega protein bars have a unique advantage over other plant-based sources of protein. Many vegan and vegetarian diets rely heavily on legumes, such as lentils or chickpeas, which are rich in amino acids but challenging to digest.

Vega's proprietary blend uses highly-absorbable pea protein isolate and brown rice protein, which contain all nine essential amino acids. This allows your body to absorb the nutrients more efficiently, giving you an energy boost and helping you build muscle.

Each Vega protein bar contains 20 grams of plant-based protein, giving the bars a great source of vegan, vegetarian fuels for your lifestyle.

The blend is also free from dairy, soy, and gluten, making it suitable for all dietary preferences. With its complete profile of amino acids, this blend helps build and maintain muscle mass and provides your body with energy.

Plant Protein Content

Fiber Content

Vega protein bars also provide a healthy dose of dietary fiber. Each bar contains 3-4 grams, which helps slow digestion and keeps you full for longer.

This makes Vega protein bars a great mid-day snack or addition to any meal. Plus, with their complex carbohydrate blend, the bars offer long-lasting energy to keep you going throughout the day.

The body's need for fiber helps maintain digestion, feeds the good bacteria in your gut, and helps keep you feeling full.

Fiber can lower cholesterol levels and manage blood sugar levels. Vega protein bars give you a healthy dietary fiber dose without sacrificing taste or texture.

Sugar Content

Regarding sugar content, Vega protein bars contain 16-18 grams of organic sugar (depending on flavor).

This amount of sugar can still add up quickly if you're eating multiple daily bars. But if you're looking for a sweet and satisfying snack, these bars can fit into any diet.


  • This snack provides 20 grams of protein per serving, meeting 35% of the recommended daily intake. It gives your body the necessary nutrients to build and repair muscle mass, keeps you feeling fuller for longer, and can help keep your energy levels high throughout the day.
  • Vega protein bars are an excellent low-fat option. Just 10 grams of fat per serving make up 15% of the suggested daily value for fats. A low-fat diet helps maintain healthy blood lipid levels, reducing your risk for cardiovascular disease. The creamy texture is sure to please any sweet tooth without containing trans fat or cholesterol - two factors that can be detrimental to your health.
  • This snack contains 290 calories to keep you full between meals and provide extra energy before workouts. It also has the essential vitamins and minerals needed to stay healthy.
  • Vega protein bars come in various flavors and use only plant-based ingredients like pea and rice proteins and natural sweeteners and flavors. No animal products are used during the production process, making them vegan-friendly.
Sugar Content


  • Vega protein bars are more expensive compared to similar products on the market.
  • There is a high sugar content of 16-18 grams per bar and not much fiber, making it less filling than other bars.
  • It contains saturated fats (4–5 grams), which might be linked to an increased risk of heart disease.
  • High in carbs (26–27 grams), so not ideal for those following a low-carb diet plan.

Cost of Vega Protein Bar Compared to Other Bars

Vega protein bars are pricier than some popular bars on the market, but they offer a great source of plant-based nutrition.

A single bar can cost anywhere from $2-$3 - depending on where you buy it.

Compared to similar bars (such as Clif and Nature Valley), Vega protein bars are still relatively inexpensive while offering the same nutritional benefits.

Are Vega Protein Bars Good for You?

Vega protein bars are quickly becoming popular for those looking to get the most out of their nutrition. They provide all 9 essential amino acids and are also loaded with vegan protein and some dietary fiber, making them ideal for athletes and weightlifters.

With a wide range of flavors to choose from, Vega protein bars make it easy to stay healthy without sacrificing taste. Whether you're a busy professional or an avid gym-goer, these delicious snacks provide the perfect balance of nutrients and flavor.

Regularly consuming Vega protein bars can benefit overall health in many ways. As well as providing energy for workouts and aiding in muscle repair, research suggests that consuming adequate amounts of dietary fiber can help reduce blood cholesterol levels and regulate metabolism.

So if you're looking for an easy, tasty way to get your protein in without sacrificing flavor or nutrition, Vega protein bars are worth a try.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a protein bar, it is essential to consider the ingredients, nutritional value, and taste. Vega Protein Bars have an impressive ingredient list of primarily natural and plant-based sources that offer high amounts of protein and fiber.

The bars are also non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free, so they can be enjoyed by a wide range of people. Vega Protein Bars offer a good balance between calories, protein, and fiber that can help support muscle repair and energy levels throughout the day. These bars are surprisingly delicious, with flavors ranging from decadent chocolates to sweet fruits.

Vega Protein Bars are a convenient, tasty, and vitamin- and mineral-rich source of plant-based protein. They are a great way to add variety to your current diet or fuel up pre or post-workouts.

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